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CAN Risk-Managed Balanced Portfolio


February 28, 2023

The Fund’s primary focus is to provide a balance of income and capital growth, while seeking to reduce portfolio volatility.

Is this fund right for you?

  • A person who is investing for the medium to longer term while seeking a balance between income and capital growth and is comfortable with low to Medium risk.
  • Since the fund invests in stocks and bonds its value is affected by changes in interest rates and by stock prices, which can rise and fall in a short period of time.

Risk Rating

Risk Rating: Low to Moderate

How is the fund invested? (as of February 28, 2023)

Asset allocation (%)

Name Percent
International Equity 28.2
Domestic Bonds 18.8
Foreign Bonds 17.7
Canadian Equity 10.0
US Equity 6.5
Cash and Equivalents 3.4
Income Trust Units 0.1
Other 15.3

Geographic allocation (%)

Name Percent
Multi-National 47.0
Canada 41.3
United States 8.3
United Kingdom 0.5
Switzerland 0.4
Sweden 0.3
Ireland 0.3
France 0.2
Germany 0.2
Other 1.5

Sector allocation (%)

Name Percent
Mutual Fund 40.0
Fixed Income 31.7
Exchange Traded Fund 13.0
Cash and Cash Equivalent 3.4
Financial Services 2.8
Consumer Services 1.2
Basic Materials 1.1
Consumer Goods 1.0
Energy 1.0
Other 4.8

Growth of $10,000 (since inception)

Data not available based on date of inception

Fund details (as of February 28, 2023)

Top holdings %
Canada Life Risk Reduction Pool Series R 25.0
CAN Path Gb Mul Sec B 75/75 10.0
Mackenzie Canadian Aggregate Bond Index ETF (QBB) 7.0
Mackenzie Canadian All Corporate Bond Ix ETF (QCB) 7.0
CAN Can Low Vol 75/75 6.0
CAN Gbl M-S Fix Inc 75/75 6.0
CAN Path Glbl Tact 75/75 CONST 6.0
Canadian Short Term Bond Index ETF 5.0
Mackenzie Multi-Strategy Absolute Return Fd A 5.0
CAN Path Can Eq 75/75 4.0
Total allocation in top holdings 81.0
Portfolio characteristics
Standard deviation -
Dividend yield -
Yield to maturity -
Duration (years) -
Coupon -
Average credit rating Not rated

Understanding returns

Annual compound returns (%)

1 MO 3 MO YTD 1 YR
{{snapShot.Return1Mth|customNumber:1}} {{snapShot.Return3Mth|customNumber:1}} {{snapShot.ReturnYTD|customNumber:1}} {{snapShot.Return1Yr|customNumber:1}}
{{snapShot.Return3Yr|customNumber:1}} {{snapShot.Return5Yr|customNumber:1}} {{snapShot.Return10Yr|customNumber:1}} {{snapShot.ReturnInception|customNumber:1}}

Calendar year returns (%)

2022 2021 2020 2019
{{snapShot.Return1YrCalendar|customNumber:1}} {{snapShot.Return2YrCalendar|customNumber:1}} {{snapShot.Return3YrCalendar|customNumber:1}} {{snapShot.Return4YrCalendar|customNumber:1}}
2018 2017 2016 2015
{{snapShot.Return5YrCalendar|customNumber:1}} {{snapShot.Return6YrCalendar|customNumber:1}} {{snapShot.Return7YrCalendar|customNumber:1}} {{snapShot.Return8YrCalendar|customNumber:1}}

Range of returns over five years

Best return Best period end date Worst return
Worst period end date
Data not available based on date of inception
Average return % of periods with positive returns Number of positive periods Number of negative periods
Data not available based on date of inception

Irish Life Investment Managers Limited

Contact information

Toll free: 1-888-252-1847

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